Shamanic Healing

What is Shamanism?
Shamanism or shamanic healing is a spiritual practice found in cultures around the world from ancient times up to the present day. It can provide physical, emotional and spiritual healing to an individual based on their needs, which may include:

  • Using techniques to clear negative energies and blockages
  • Connecting and healing of the ancestors
  • Soul retrieval / contract work
  • Rebirthing techniques
  • Techniques to help with bullying or trauma, stress & anxiety
  • Land and house clearings (including Geopathic Stress tests)
  • Connect with spirit helpers, power animals & your guides
  • Healing relationships

Also a common practice among Shamans to help with these needs above, is using a Shamanic Journey also called ‘dream time’ to connect to the spirit world and different realms.

It involves tapping into your subconscious and opening up the right hand side of the brain that’s also for our imagination, creativity and visualisation.
Most of the time on our daily routine we predominantly only access the left side of the brain for analytical, logical thinking.

Why take a Shamanic Journey ?
People journey to receive guidance about their life. To resolve long standing issues and gain a better understanding of themselves. To connect and heal with the ancestors and realms beyond their present world. This can be a very powerful and effective tool in finding answers. Other benefits include working on any soul loss issues and healing the original hurts to our behaviours.

During the journey a drum beat is used to induce a meditative state (theta) 4-7htz.
From recent scientific research it gives grounding and a sense of wellbeing to the person involved. The drum beat can match the theta brain waves for a meditative state with
100-120 beats per minute.

This leads to greater visualisations and inspiration that are not in the ordinary brain wave waking state of (Beta) 14-30HTZ. Sometimes we have to go to a meditative state to find guidance that is not usually available in the waking world.

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