A huge Massive Thank you to the amazing "Spiritual Healer" John Mccarthy of Mc Carthy's Home Farm healing. As I've previously trained in Angel Therapy & Crystal Therapy I am very open to receiving any healing from any form of spiritual Healing.

Today I had the most amazing healing therapy session with John where he tailored my treatment using trained techniques in Shamanic healing, where a drum beat was used during the healing, Reiki which is a gentle but powerful hands on healing and Pranic healing, which is an effective system of no touch energy healing.
These healing techniques are a natural and safe method of healing that anyone can benefit from, they provide physical, emotional and spiritual healing that John so professionally tailors to each individual's needs. 
The healing room is set in a beautiful setting and the energy from the sanctuary and John is very powerful and Spiritual,

 John, thank you so very much for your kindness and your absolute professionalism - I would recommend your treatments to everyone to help with any issues they are trying to deal with, Physical or emotional 

I will definitely be back for more
Thank you 

Donna Foster

Lovely group Reiki session with John McCarthy yesterday afternoon, thanks again John. Sarah 

Well I took Denis O'Hanlon's suggestion and I took my arm by the hand out to Ballymore this morning and had a Reiki session with John McCarthy. The headache is nearly gone, but not quite gone and I feel much better all round after it. No idea how long it will last but I'm very happy for the moment. John is a consummate professional and obviously knows his stuff, he allowed for the fact that i'm sceptical about such treatments! I suspect I will be going back soon. Rose

John is brill. Jackie

OMG John, woke up with the most amazing energy, legs got very very hot and got more cramps especially my feet, then all of a sudden it stopped, wow, and i fell into a very very deep sleep...thank you so much - your amazing healer... Anonymous 

John is a wonderful healer & very intone with everything. Im also blessed to call him my friend. Love & light. Deborah R

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