Hi all, my name is John McCarthy and I'm a qualified Reiki Master. Reiki was introduced to me when I was struggling to cope with the passing of a close friend, I was in a lot of pain and didn't know how to make it better. Thats when Reiki was introduced to me and I was blown away with how calming and relaxing it was for me which led me to get the pain under control.

After experiencing the power of Reiki for myself, I decided to train to become a Reiki Master, so that I too could help take other peoples pain away. Peoples health and wellbeing was always something that I was interested, even from an early age this was always something I knew I wanted to do, and now with Reiki I found the key to achieving this.

After three years training I became a Reiki Master first, then moved on to do Access Bars, then did Pranic Healing and now i'm a Sharmin Healer.

I opened my Reiki practice in 2015 in the beautiful tranquil setting of Home Farm in Ballymore, Cobh Co. Cork. Set close to nature and overlooking the spectacular Cork Harbour, we offer a professional list of healing in strict confidence.

Where to find us:

Home Farm, Ballymore, Cobh Co. Cork